Exercise Physiology for Kids with Asthma

James was referred to Rehab Training by his GP in September 2015, for a program to assist in improving his lung capacity and better manage his asthma. James had suffered atypical pneumonia in August 2013 and had continued to struggle with fatigue and exercise induced asthma with low-moderate exercise. James had always been active and played various sports both in and out of school. When he first came to Rehab Training he was finding it hard to continue with his usual sporting activities due to his asthma. He was taking a preventer twice daily and required Ventolin several times per day. He found within a few minutes of exercising he had to stop due to breathlessness and a tight chest. After ceasing exercise he would need to take Ventolin and it took some time for his symptoms to ease. James’ initial exercise program following his assessment included a gradual increase in aerobic exercise up to twenty minutes four days per week, diaphragmatic breathing exercises, and exercises to assist in strengthening the muscles that are activated during inspiration and expiration. Within one month James was not requiring Ventolin often, he was able to get the next level in the beep test at school, his thoracic expansion had increased by 3cm and his peak flow had significantly improved. Following his one month re-assessment, his exercise program was progressed to include interval training at a moderate intensity, postural correction exercises and a progression with his breathing exercises. By January 2016 James was no longer using Ventolin, he was able to complete sixty minutes of aerobic exercise without any asthma symptoms, his peak flow had improved further, and his thoracic expansion had improved by 4.5cm from his initial assessment. James continues with a maintenance program and is back taking part in his sporting activities.





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