Exercise Rehabilitation for Osgood Schlatters Disease

Edward was referred to Rehab Training following a diagnosis of Osgood Schlatters Disease eight weeks earlier. He is a keen footballer who experienced a gradual onset of anterior knee pain during in his first ever season. Although he had followed his doctor’s advice of resting for several weeks, running, jumping and going downstairs were still aggravating factors. When he first came to Rehab Training his goal was to return to football. His initial assessment results showed restricted range of movement in both flexion and extension of his affected right knee, and limited hamstring and quadriceps strength. Postural imbalances were also identified in the muscles surrounding the hips, knees and ankles. Edward’s initial rehabilitation program consisted of stretching and active range of movement exercises, with the aim of increasing his knee movement and limit muscle atrophy. Edward completed his stretching program for four weeks, at which time his range of movement had increased significantly and he was no longer experiencing pain. He avoided running, jumping and high impact activities during this time. After four weeks, his program was progressed to include gentle strengthening exercises with the aim of correcting any postural abnormalities. The program focussed strongly on the muscles surrounding the knee joint and those that stabilise the pelvis. After one month of completing gentle strength exercises, balance and proprioceptive exercises were added to his program.  Over the next few months Edward’s graduated program included running, agility, and jumping exercises. Four months after coming to Rehab Training, Edward returned to football. He is still completing his rehab program with the aim of maintaining his current strength, and prevent any further problems with his right knee.



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