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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Taking a Break

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a debilitating medical condition, characterised by persistent fatigue lasting at least six months, alongside other specific symptoms.

Symptoms may include...

- Significant and persistent fatigue

- Impairment in short term memory or concentration

- Sore throat

- Tender cervical lymph nodes

- Low grade fever

- Muscle or multi-joint pain

- Headache

- Unrefreshing sleep

- Post exertional malaise (lasting more than 24 hrs)

Research has shown that exercise therapy reduces fatigue in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. No evidence suggested that exercise may worsen symptoms. Research has also shown positive effects for sleep, physical function and general health as perceived by the  patient. 

Our program has been developed based on evidence-based practice and aims to balance activity and rest to avoid deconditioning as well as the risk of a flare up or exacerbation of symptoms.

Our program covers the following....

Fatigue management including pacing strategies 

Sleep hygiene practices

Stress management and mindfulness 

Goal setting including return to work, sport and hobbies

Graduated exercise program 

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